Cowboy Culture – The Infamous “LE” And “Stupid”

Reid horseback, far right. (Photo by Elizabeth Hawley)

By Clay Reid

Many moons ago when I first went to work for Mr. Hawley, he told me that he had a couple of horses he purchased years before over in a trap along the highway west of Holliday, and they were mine for the using if I felt the need.

Well, me being a poor man and always in need of horse flesh, I soon scurried over there to see what surprise awaited me. I was like a kid on Christmas. Little did I know what I was getting into.

When I pulled up and got out, I saw two good looking ponies out there in the trap grazing. One was a great big buckskin horse that I would soon name “LE” for the brand that he wore on his left shoulder.

The other was a good looking, well built sorrel that I just as soon named “Stupid” and the name says it all. Well, I walked through the set of pens, and as I stood in the gate holding a bridle, I let out a whistle to see if these old cayuses would come running.

To my delight, just as soon as I did, the buckskin threw his head in the air, looked at me and came a running. I thought to myself, “Well, look at this guy; he’s ready to go to work.” But as he drew in closer I soon saw in his eyes that work was the last thing on his mind.

You see when he came through the gate I could see the evil in his eyes, and his teeth were glaring as he tried to bite me when he came running at me.

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