Cowboy Cuisine – Lonesome Spur Restaurant

Texas cowpatty at the Lonesome Spur Restaurant. (Photo by Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens

I had to take my six-year-old son to a youth wrestling tournament early in the morning on a cold, wet winter’s day in Justin, Texas. By the time my son was finished competing, we were starving. It had become colder, below freezing. The wind was blowing hard, and the F-250’s side mirrors had started to freeze over.

Usually we are tending to our horses, but at this time our bellies needed tending to. We needed something to warm the soul and guess what we found—the answer of all cure-alls. Not the magic bull rope, the lucky roping glove or Grandma’s chicken soup.

It was Lonesome Spur’s “Texas Cowpatty.” Yeah, you heard me right. When we are talking cowboy cuisine, your food title can’t be any better than the Texas Cowpatty. It is a homemade cornbread waffle smothered with cheese, chili, onions and jalapeños. This warmed my cold bones up instantly.

You pretty much could eat an old Larry Mahan boot if it was squeezed between two of Lonesome Spur’s cornbread waffles.
The chili and cheese melted into the waffle perfectly with each bite. The jalapeños and onions gave it texture. It was a perfect meal for a perfect situation.

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