Texas Trivia

By Judy Wade

What is the capital of Texas? What is Texas’ nickname? The answers, of course, are Austin and the Lone Star State, respectively. If you attended school in Texas, you probably took Texas History where you learned the basics of Texas history and some of the symbols associated with it including the red, white and blue Lone Star flag and the other flags that have flown over our great state.

According to statesymbolsusa.org, the colors of the Texas flag have symbolic meanings. The blue is for loyalty, the white for purity and the red represents bravery. The single lone star “represents ALL of Texas and stands for our unity as one for God, state and country.”

Author Adina de Zavalva suggested the five points on the star represent the characteristics of a good citizen: fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence and broadmindedness, according to www.tsl.texas.gov.

Admitted to the Union in 1845, Texas became the 28th state. It now ranks second in size with 268,581 square miles and second in population with almost 28 million people, about 8.62 percent of the nation living here. Perhaps you know that the state bird is the mockingbird, the state tree is the pecan, the state flower is the bluebonnet and the state motto is “Friendship.” You might have learned to sing the state song, “Texas, Our Texas,” but did you know our official flower song is “Bluebonnets?”

However, those are but a few of the symbols of our great state. According to the website statesymbolsusa.org, Texas has more than 70 official symbols.

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