Pump the Brakes on MAP-21

By Jessica Crabtree 

In July of 2012 a law was signed enforcing the use of federal Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) labeled as MAP-21. In this article we will present what is known, how it will affect livestock haulers and projected concerns if MAP-21 goes into effect. By the time this issue prints, the mandate may or may not go into effect, hinging on the chance an exemption is allowed, giving livestock haulers more time to adapt for change.


Why the mandate was proposed.

In a recent article by Drovers on www.drovers.com on Nov. 10, 2017, it stated the regulations proposed were in an attempt to create safer driving conditions and aid in eliminating the need for paper logs.


Why would MAP-21 not work for livestock haulers?

In the ELD rule, truckers have an hourly service limit. Plainly put, truckers have a service limit of 11 hours of driving in a 24-hour period. They can be on duty a total of 14 hours consecutively, including the 11 hours of driveling time said above. After those 11 hours are reached, the driver must stop and rest, allowing for 10 consecutive hours off duty.


Where things get difficult for livestock haulers is in the matter of hauling living creatures.  Such rules raise animal welfare concerns. Why some may ask? Due to the chance of cross contamination and unintentional biosecurity hazards.


Particulars about MAP-21.

For commercial motor vehicles, as of Dec. 18, 2017, the federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, which is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), will begin. An ELD is a record-keeping device that is synchronized to the truck’s engine and has the capability to log information digitally in real-time. An ELD is able to record data, such as time spent on the road, number of miles driven, location and amount of hours the engine was running. While this may not be an issue for truckers transporting paper goods, clothing items and non-perishable things, it is not feasible for the welfare of livestock hauling. The voluntary introductory phase for ELDs began Dec. 16, 2015.

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