AG Elsewhere – Montana : Sundogs

Photo and Details by Jean Stimpson

Montana rancher’s wife Jean Stimpson detailed this photo saying, “A cold front had moved in quickly. We got about two feet of snow and it was cold. It was time to bring the rest of the cows in from the back pasture, about two miles from our place. In this picture the elevation is about 3,400 feet and you can see a sundog, which looks kind of like a rainbow.” When asked to explain what a sundog is, Stimpson said, “The older generations said when you saw a sundog it meant a weather change and typically it was going to get cold. When we got back to the house this day it was -14 degrees Fahrenheit. That night it got down to -24 degrees Fahrenheit.” Stimpson finished saying, “Despite the snow and cold, over the hills, the cows came home. That sundog rainbow is God’s reminder —This is God’s Country. We love it here and love what we do.”