The Cattle Raisers Museum : Telling the Legendary Story of the Cattle Industry

By Jessica Crabtree 

The Cattle Raisers Museum, located in the Cultural District in Fort Worth, is an exciting and educational experience for children and adults alike and is a great place for families to visit and learn about the important history and work of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Since its founding more than 36 years ago, the Cattle Raisers Museum has recognized the legacy of great cattlemen and developed a greater awareness for the public of ranching heritage. Originally located at the TSCRA building just west of downtown, the museum brought its fascinating historical content to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History when it opened on the second floor in 2009.

Since then, the Museum has hosted millions of visitors, mostly school children who are a key target audience for telling the story and history of the cattle industry in Texas and the Southwest. To remain relevant to today’s visitors, 2017 brought transformation to the Museum once again to update content and technology within the 10,000-square foot space. In keeping with their founding mission, the renovation was an effort to enhance the focus of the history of cattle raisers and share their culture with present and future generations. The Museum aims to reinforce what ranchers are all about— commitment to their neighbors, land, cattle and wildlife.

As you experience the astounding museum, visitors learn the story of the cattle industry from its origins among the West’s early Spanish settlers, through the days of the legendary trail drives, all the way to today’s modern range technology. Information is related through interactive museum design including holograms and immersive video storytelling techniques.

New state-of-the-art exhibits can be observed in various ways throughout the museum, adding an interactive component for children. This means experiencing a chronological timeline that includes interactive games and hands-on activities, watching natural resource stewardship videos as well as encountering one-of-a-kind, authentic artifacts that were important pieces within the industry’s history. The Museum’s Associate Director, Sherry Flow, shared that their mission is more than simply telling a story; it is keeping a legacy alive for generations to come.

“The Museum has allowed our message to be presented to millions of school children. It is always our intention to preserve the past and promote the future,” Flow explained. Being located in the center of Fort Worth’s culture district on the Will Rogers Memorial Complex and near many of the city’s other attractions, the Museum has the distinct opportunity to teach this history to visiting school children from the surrounding urban areas.

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