Meanwhile back at the ranch…

By Rayford Pullen 

With the new year we have an opportunity to make resolutions regarding our personal lives and our business lives and in this case, our cattle operations.

What tops your list of things you’d like to see change or at least improve?  Having seen several summers, falls, winters and springs in my lifetime, I don’t know what I’m really willing to change.  I guess I’m more into trying to right a few wrong choices from the past while at the same time attempting to do the right thing in my cattle operation, but therein lies the problem and specifically how my ideas shared through a medium such as this may be the best for me but not the best for you.

That is why I try to share what we do here at Pullen Angus as maybe something for you to think about more than “that’s the way it needs to be done.”  You’ll also notice I use the phrase “in my opinion” quite often as well as “my observation,” which is my way of letting you know that my thoughts may not be exactly how it is or works or what causes it, but that I’m probably not going to dig any further into that particular subject because I don’t want to do the research.  Your job, as I see it, is to follow through on some of my thoughts and how they may be something you need to consider.  We all have different goals and objectives and our abilities are limited or enhanced by knowledge, finances and/or our wives or other family members.

Where do you start?