BBQ on the Brazos

Smoked turkey sandwich. (Photo courtesy of Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens

All the best barbecue joints are connected to a gas station. This is a known fact.

In the town of Cresson, Texas, just south of Weatherford is BBQ on the Brazos. Now I am sure most people will go there for the brisket or their ribs, but why not get one of the best dang turkey sandwiches you have ever had? After hearing about this place from locals and passersby and also seeing it on Texas Monthly’s list of Best Top 50 BBQ restaurants in the state of Texas, we had to go see for ourselves. I went with my mind set on trying their brisket.

But when I got there waiting in line, I had a change of heart and got their top seller-the smoked turkey sandwich. Call it a would-be cowboy foodie’s hunch, but BBQ on the Brazos’ smoked turkey sandwich has ruined every previous and future Thanksgiving turkey leftover sandwich for life. The turkey is covered in mozzarella cheese, onion crisp, and chipotle mayo. It was crisp and fresh, and the combination of all three was perfect. It had a little kick and was a huge sandwich.

Due to it being Halloween, the pretty lady running the front was wearing a devil outfit. You could tell she was running the show with sweet character, but I might not have argued with her if she told me what I had to eat. As far as I could tell, she was an angel in a devil’s outfit because if you saw how beautiful the brisket looked coming out of that kitchen, it had to be from the Promised Land.

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BBQ on the Brazos corn salad. (Photo by Steve Stevens)