The Family Table Restaurant at Home Again Farms

By Steve Stevens 

As we are celebrating Thanksgiving this month, I wanted to share with you a very special restaurant that honors the tradition of sharing a blessed meal with dear family and friends. Is there anything that says and feels like home more than sitting down at the dinner table to eat a warm meal surrounded by our loved ones? I know we don’t do it as much as we should, but sitting down at the dinner table, not playing with our iPhones or listening to the television in the background, this is something that is celebrated in every country around the world. It gives us time to reflect, a time to say Grace and to visit with each other without any distractions, to talk about school, the Dallas Cowboys and faith. So anyone who inspires this grounded tradition, I am a full supporter of.

The Family Table Restaurant at Home Again Farms on Highway 180, a few miles west of Weatherford has a wonderful concept. They have a menu centered around Miss April’s wonderful casseroles. They have a buffet style lunch that is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When I went inside, the little restaurant was filled with locals waiting to pick their choice of hamburger or King Ranch casserole, creamed corn or green beans and choice of peach cobbler or sopapilla cheesecake. They had a choice of different teas and even a choice of handmade sodas. Nothing says Texas like King Ranch casserole.

Lunch Plate
Soda Station