The Dr. McDonald Column – Throwing your weight around

buy dapoxetine in singapore enter site By Steve McDonald, DVM 

My son was a career Army soldier and was stationed in Germany where he met and married a German girl. One summer we visited them in Germany, meeting the young lady’s family and getting the lay of the land. I won’t bore you with the details, safe to say that the German people are extremely polite, and we had a very good time.

While there, we went to many places frequented by tourists, and I must say that just about all the obese folks I saw were Americans. It’s the sort of observation that a person makes and then forgets about until something reinforces the initial observation.

Yesterday a new client brought in a few heifers to be brucellosis-vaccinated and a couple of others to be pregnancy tested. The cattle were grossly overweight, as were the owners. We have all observed that overweight people tend to have overweight pets, but in this case the problem extended to the livestock.

As is often the case, the cattle, gentle though they were from a lifetime of easy living on the largesse of their owners, had arrived at the clinic in a trailer that was somewhat undersized to accommodate their considerable cumulative bulk.

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