Ranching Down Under – Australian Quarter Horse Association

By Samantha Hall 

When the King Ranch of Texas, United States of America, imported a large number of Quarter Horses to Australia to work on their rural holdings in Australia in 1954, it did not take long for people to recognize the abilities and positive attributes that the American Quarter Horse could and would have on the horse industry in Australia.

Of the first four stallions imported to Australia by the King Ranch, one of the stallions, “Mescal,” was gifted to the Horden Family of Yugilbar Santa Gertrudis Australia. The Hordens began crossing Mescal over their station-bred mares to improve their horse plant.

In 1963 King Ranch imported their largest consignment, which consisted of five stallions and 10 mares. The following year the Australian Quarter Horse Association was formed in New South Wales, Australia. The aim of the association was to further promote the breed in Australia whilst continuing to maintain the quality of the progeny being produced.

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