On the Road with Dave Alexander

(Left to right) Red Steagall and Don Edwards. (Courtesy photos)

By Dave Alexander 

Howdy Texas Music Fans!  Sometimes there is nothing better for your soul than to sit back and enjoy a real cowboy singer.  And sometimes you realize that the longer you work at your dreams, the happier you become.  That’s pretty simple cowboy logic.

Many moons ago I began performing with two of the finest men I’ve ever worked for.  And luckily for me, one led me right to the other.  I had no idea at the time that traveling to hundreds of rodeos, ranch dances and cowboy festival would have such an impact on my musical career, but it did.

Don Edwards and Red Steagall have been making the world’s finest cowboy music for the last 50 years or so.  Not only do they define the cowboy way, they are ambassadors to our western way of life that many of us here in North Texas enjoy.