Grazing North Texas – Buffalobur

Buffalobur is one of the poisonous plants found on North Texas grazing lands. (Photo by Tony Dean)

By Tony Dean 

Buffalobur is another one of those North Texas grazing land plants that we need to be aware of, but not because it is much good for grazing.  This shallow tap-rooted annual is in the potato family, as is its cousin, Silverleaf nightshade, which was featured in the September NTFR. Both are poisonous plants.

Besides being a poisonous plant, buffalobur is just about the most unfriendly plant around.  It forms a rounded mound from 12 to 30 inches tall and has stout, golden yellow prickles on the stems and leaves. I have vivid memories as a boy of walking into buffalobur while hoeing weeds in my uncle’s cotton patch at Weatherford.  It just took a few encounters for me to learn to watch for this bad boy.

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