Equine Superstars & Everyday Heroes – King

Gayle and King. (Photo by Jo H Photography, courtesy of Gayle King)

By Janis Blackwell

“L S Corona Winsalot” A.K.A – King

Welcome to this month’s Equine Superstars and Everyday Heroes featuring Gayle Jones and her outstanding mount “L S Corona Winsalot,” whose barn name is King. King is a nine-year-old bay gelding by “King Corona” (probably the origin of his barn name), who has won the heart of Gayle Jones and is second only to her first love, husband K.C. Jones, PRCA steer wrestler, nine-time NFR qualifier and winner of the American.

Gayle’s first glimpse of King was when she saw Jolene Montgomery ride him at a futurity and do really well after having picked him up only two days earlier. She was impressed again when Jolene rode him in a large outdoor arena in south Texas and broke the arena record. Gayle said of Jolene, “She always rides nice horses, but something about this one just stood out to me.”

After that King went through a number of riders and trainers, and Gayle lost track of him until Michelle McLeod’s daughter Lindsay started riding him. At that time, a friend of Gayle’s was going to look at him for a client of hers to purchase. As Gayle began to list all the great qualities she saw in him, her friend suggested, “Why don’t you go try him?” Her reaction was that she had never even thought of buying a horse priced as high as he was, so she dismissed it.

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