Confession of a Hunter – Flipper has jokes!

By Andy Anderson 

I love fishing. It was my passion for a period in my life. It consumed a large part of my time and finances. If I wasn’t working, I was fishing. I was after bass, crappie and catfish mostly, had myself a nice boat and thought of myself as a better than average angler. One day at a family event, one of my uncles asked if I had ever been to the coast or off shore fishing. Up to that point I had not. He and few other of my cousins and uncles went on to tell me about their trips and the fish you catch. Well, I just had to go wade fishing with them next time.

The time came to book the trip, and I was all in. We get down to Port Isabel, Texas, meet up with the guide and head to the cabin. The next morning we had an early rise and a huge breakfast. The guide asked me if I had wade boots or planned to go bare foot. I thought, since I’d never done this before I’d best take his advice and wear those booties. We all load up and head to the water, launch the boat and head out. It was a cool morning, and doing 50 to 55 on the water can be chilly. I’m used to about a 10 or 15 minute boat ride at the most. It took us 35 minutes to get to the first fishing hole.

As the boat slows to a stop, the sun is breaking the horizon, and it is then I fully realize how insignificant I am in the world. I can just barely see the Texas coast and looking the other way, well it’s the ocean. As I’m sitting there taking this all in, the guide gets the boat anchored in and set.

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