On the Road with Dave Alexander

Jean and Gary Prescott. (Courtesy photo)

By Dave Alexander 

Howdy Texas Music Fans! Every now and then, usually on my way to buy hay or pick up feed for the horses, I see a rig with a saddled horse in it, usually a covered open-air stock trailer.

Once in a while I’ll see a man with a little larger brimmed hat than most. Often his jeans are tucked into the tall shafts of his boots. His weathered chinks will hit just below the knee. Not a common sight for most of us to see, but they’re out there: working cowboys.

They are living in a world few will ever know, a world consisting of primarily four factors: grass, water, cattle and sky.
Having spent my early life idolizing my Grandpa, a cattleman who could ride with the best of them, it’s easy for me to recognize the lifestyle and tradition of these men and women whom we call “working cowboys.”

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