Grazing North Texas – Frogfruit

Frogfruit usually grows only three to five inches tall and is considered an evergreen in warm to temperate zones. (Photo by Tony Dean)

By Tony DeanĀ 

Frogfruit is a perennial, native forb that creeps along the ground, rooting at the nodes, and can form dense mats several feet in diameter. The plants rise only three to five inches above the ground but may have runners up to three feet long.

Leaves are thick, one to two inches long and 3/8-inch wide, and are toothed from the middle to the tip of the leaf. Tiny white flowers form a ring around a flower head. Then the head elongates to a one inch cylinder or longer. Frogfruit has a four-angled stem.

Frogfruit can grow in almost any area in Texas and on many soil types. While it can grow in dryer soils and likes good drainage, it needs additional moisture to survive the hottest months.

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