Equine Superstars & Everyday Heroes – Magnum

Riley Swenson getting on Magnum. (Photo courtesy of Beverlene (Swenson) Combest)

By Janis Blackwell

This month Equine Superstars and Everyday Heroes salutes not only a great horse but a great crossing of bloodlines.
Our outstanding Everyday Hero is “Call Me Magnum” known in the barn as just “Magnum,” named for the character made famous by Tom Selleck. Sadly, our tribute is delivered posthumously but does not diminish the exceptional personality and qualities that made him a hero and that live on in his full blood siblings.

Magnum’s story starts when owners Beverlene (Swenson) Combest and Bob Combest of Electra decided to purchase and breed some great quality paint horses. They bought a stud named “Go Rocket Go,” a grandson of “Go Man Go,” and crossed him with a mare named “Golden Button” by “Bud Chubby” by “Chubby.” “Golden Button’s” barn name was Cover Girl— dubbed that for the unusual markings around her eyes that looked like makeup.

With a cross between the running blood of “Go Man Go” and the old foundation cow horse from “Chubby,” they felt they couldn’t go wrong, and they certainly did not. They got exactly what they had hoped for, speed with gentleness and cow sense. Magnum was the first colt out of this cross, and they were so pleased with the results that they raised many more out of them.
In Beverlene’s words, “These colts were super easy to break, super gentle, always wanting to please, with no mean bone in their bodies.”

The sire, “Go Rocket Go” was more than 16 hands and “Cover Girl” was only 14 hands, but the cross yielded a good-sized, stout built horse ready for whatever job you asked of him.

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