What is giving and why would anyone do it?

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Today we hear so much about the next generation being philanthropic, and our hope is that this trend continues.  We might argue though that it is not a trend, but perhaps a resurgence of a way of life that has long influenced the people of North Texas.  Previous generations who built the western culture centered it around honor. At times, it feels like honor is lost in our modern world, but we hope to find honor once again. We strive to give back to our western heritage in one of the most honorable ways possible:  Helping your neighbor in a time of need.  Because in the end, helping one another is just a small part of what we know our Lord has asked, and what the western heritage emanates.

Since 2009 Texas Cowboys Against Cancer (TCAC) has taken up the task of helping a neighbor or a friend, and it all started with a brother, three sisters, a child and countless friends and family helping one of their own.  Today, our group has opened the door with a solid volunteer base to make sure we are reaching more people than ever before.  The TCAC recipients have something in common even though each one has had a different journey. They each have cancer or have fought it.  Some of our recipients fought hard and lost.  No matter what the situation, it can be hard for them to accept the help.  We have been asked, “Is this real?” and “You do this for people?”  The answer is yes.  Yes, we know the challenges of fighting cancer.  We know the glory of beating it.  We know the sadness and relief of losing those we care for to such a harsh disease.  We know men, women and yes, even children who we have been honored to serve.

Something else that we know is that cancer is not cheap.  It does not care what you do for a living, how much support you do or do not have, and cancer most certainly does not want the best for anyone.  Cancer can be the difference between someone riding in a parade and someone barely making it to the last parade they will get to see.  A simple thing like a volunteer riding in the Bowie Trade Days Parade a few years ago gave one man hope and peace of mind knowing that someone like him cared and was out there to help others.  Often, we hear “You are the cowboys for cancer”.  But that is not accurate.  We are against it.  Cancer is a corrupt foe and we are willing to fight in the best way we know how.  Lifting up another to make a house payment, pay a deductible or take their children on a much needed vacation all matter.  All of it matters to our recipients and all of it matters to us.

Over the last 7 years we have given $250,000 to our recipients.  And in the last two years we have made our Crisis Fund a recipient so that we are able to give smaller amounts throughout the year as needs arise.  We have four recipients this year: Mike Barry, Jeff Metcalf, Jennifer Cox and Kodi Tutt.  This brings our total recipients to 21.  Over the past 3 ½ years our Crisis Fund has helped, on average, 17 recipients annually with an average $800 gift to meet crucial & immediate needs.  These dollars are made possible by our supporters who give their time, energy, dollars and prayers with the hope of making a difference.  We also give $2,000 in scholarships in honor of founders Johnnie Neely and Joe Powell each year.

Those we have helped have in turned helped others by giving back money, donation items, volunteering, referring others, and at the Ole Cowboy and Cowgirl Reunion.

We encourage you to help people get through a tough time. Life is bigger than the moment, but some moments are engulfing, while others can stop life in its tracks.  When we are able to give comfort with a phone call or dollars to support our recipients, it makes each moment worth it.  After all isn’t it the cowboy way to take care of your neighbor?

We hope for a world without cancer, but today we are thankful for the blessings our supporters make possible for our recipients.

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This is a paid advertisement by Texas Cowboys Against Cancer