Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Pullen pictured beside wife, Carla Sue on vacation in Price, Utah on the Tavaputs Ranch. (Photo courtesy of Rayford Pullen)

By Rayford Pullen

Isn’t it nice to be able to complain about all the rain we have had although it does cause us some grief when it comes to baling hay, working cattle, and so forth?

Just five years ago we were wondering if we would still be in the cattle business next year, next month and for some of us, next week.

Many producers did have to sell out their entire herds when the stock tanks and ponds went dry and the extended outlook was bleak.
Cattle prices were getting above our wildest expectations and the outlook was as bright as the sun. We had seen our last poor day, or so we thought.
Fast forward to the spring of 2015 and then to the spring of 2016.

The rains came, the stock tanks and lakes filled up and over flowed, the grass grew, cattle got fat and cattle prices fell about 35 percent or so, and now that’s the hand we have been dealt, and we can either be glad that we got to experience the best cattle market in the history of mankind, or we can be upset that it is not as good as it was.

It is your choice, and just like life itself, it is what you make of it. At our place, the ride was great but we are now dealing with the hand we were dealt and will hopefully be making the best of it. Let’s just look around at the beautiful landscape that is in front of us from all the rains and enjoy the moment. Life is good. To read more pick up a copy of the July 2016 NTFR issue.