June 2016 Profile – The man behind the mic: Bob Tallman

Pictured is a young Tallman while announcing at a rodeo, notice the mass of people behind. Speaking in front of crowds never bothered him. Bob Tallman has been the voice of pro rodeo more than 40 years. From his career he has captivated millions of fans and welcomed the world into rodeo by announcing, television, rodeo and more.

By Jessica Crabtree 

You know his voice almost immediately after he utters one word. It’s filled with his grizzly drawl and diction. You recognize it whether it’s at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Houston, Reno, Calgary or even the National Finals in Las Vegas. With a voice known as “The Voice of Professional Rodeo,” handle-bar mustache and cowboy hat, who is Bob Tallman?

Tallman wasn’t born in Texas, but after spending more than 40 years here, who would know? Born October 25, 1947, in Winnemucca, Nev., his raising was in northern Nevada on a cow/calf operation. Tallman is a fifth generation cattleman. With a younger sister, the family lived in a home with no electricity or running water. He attended a one-room school until the fifth grade that started in April and let out in September, in correlation to ranch gatherings and cattle works. The teacher, a lady, was also a buckaroo, though all were. That was their lifestyle.

“It was a buckaroo outfit, a rodeo every morning! I didn’t know a Shetland pony existed until college. My dad didn’t start a colt before the age of five,” Tallman laughed. Moving in the sixth grade, Tallman recalls several humorous memories from his childhood. “I played football three days; my friends beat the fire out of me. I thought, ‘I can rope and ride and enjoy it,”” That was all the football Tallman could stand. Roping and riding was more his style.

In ’66, Tallman attended college at Cal Poly. Leasing a ranch and working the sale barn, he added trading cattle and horses, Tallman admitted he soon forgot why he was there. He later transferred to the University of Nevada. To read more pick up a copy of the June 2016 issue.

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