Cowboy Cuisine by Steve Stevens

Perhaps the best kept secret in Hudson Oaks, TX is “The Shed,” right on the access road of the Interstate 20 highway. (Photo courtesy of Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens 

Sometimes the best places are right under our nose, and if we don’t look hard enough we might just miss them.
For the better part of twelve years that I spent on the rodeo trail, I became quite an expert at finding the best places to eat in an unexplored town.

I was always looking for what I considered the best cowboy cuisine- chicken fried steak, a steak house, Cajun food, barbecue, or a unique burger joint.
This was long before the Internet and social media. If you wanted to find the hot spots you had to pound the pavement and keep an eye out for all signs leading to your next amazing meal.

I know it is hard to believe, but you actually had to talk to people and make conversation.  Guess you could say I was a foodie long before it was popular, or maybe I was just a bored cowboy looking for something to do.

None the less, I take great pride in finding the best restaurants, especially those that have those authentic qualities that would attract cowboys, farmers and country people alike. There is nothing cooler than finding a place that is a secret, especially if it is hidden in plain sight and that would be “The Shed” in Hudson Oaks, Texas.

Shoot, I drove by it over a hundred times, have looked right at it and never knew it was one of the best, if not the best restaurant in the area. I guess I missed it because there are no restaurant signs and if it weren’t for the line out the door one Saturday, I would have never known it was there. To read more pick up a copy of the June 2016 issue.