The Popular Pet – Miniature Pigs

This adorable piglet is pictured here at two weeks old. (Photo by Katie Wells with KJ Micro Mini Pigs)

By Jessica Crabtree

Within the last five years, there has been an increase in small pets in the form of miniature pigs- yes, miniature pigs. Breeders can be found around the world breeding and selling miniature pigs. What is a miniature pig exactly? A miniature pig, on average, is between 50 and 150 pounds when full grown. Realistically, anything below 300 pounds is considered a miniature pig. According to the, mini/micro pigs are of mixed ancestry and because of the advancements in the swine industry, size classification is important for breeders and potential miniature pig owners.

The oinking pet has caught on so that cities are making exceptions to their ordinances. New Braunfels is now allowing “pet” miniature pigs weighing under 100 pounds in city limits and the same in the town of Friendswood, if registered with the city.
Labels such as teacup, micro, mini, pixie and dainty are not swine breeds, but merely marketing terms to help communicate their size. Little do people know that pigs are very dense, compact animals. Often times they weigh two and three times more than a dog at the same height and length. Responsible breeders do not market a pig on its weight because each grows at a different rate. To read more pick up the May 2016 issue of NTFR.