Simply the Best

Horse hair can be sent to Simply Equine at 8155 Hwy 110 Tyler, TX 75704. (Photo courtesy of Krista Lucas)

By Krista Lucas

In today’s world of tough competitors and even tougher horses, any advantage a rider can give his or her equine partner can be beneficial to performing at the top of their game. There are many products offered on the market today, ranging from what tack is put on a horse to what is fed daily to them.

Serious competitors and recreational riders alike want to properly take care of their animals and offer the best care possible. A relatively new item on the market today is a line of blankets, wraps, splint boots and saddle pads offered to riders of all disciplines to help get back in the saddle sooner.

The Back on Track company is a therapeutic line designed to aid in joint and muscle support, as well as blood circulation. The increased blood flow helps prevent injury and improves performance. The products use the animal’s body heat to reflect radiation into inflamed areas.
The horse products are known for durability, lasting up to 10 years, and range from products to use before competition, during and after. To read more pick up the May 2016 issue of NTFR.