Gizmos and Gadgets

By Andy Anderson

A few nights ago I was guiding a hunt. We were on a large property with improved roads. It was getting late, the sun was setting fast and temps were dropping with the sun. We were driving a Kawasaki Mule, specially outfitted for hunting. Smoothest ride, quiet and just all-around best UTV I have every driven. The guys at Freedom Power Sports set it up for a trial run to test it; this thing was outfitted well. Kind of. No GPS. You see, as we were headed out on the ranch, a nice sounder of hogs was spotted. We dismounted the UTV and gave chase. We were not successful returning to the UTV. It was good and dark now, hard to see anything past the reach of the headlamps. After a few minutes everything began to look the same. I made a few wrong turns and eventually came to the conclusion I didn’t know where I was. As much time as I’ve spent on this ranch during the day and night, there are still parts I’ve yet to explore. Well, I can check one area off that unexplored list.

I have an IPhone with maps as well as Google Earth. Between the two apps I was able to figure out where we were and make it back to familiar ground.

Devices and equipment are nice to have. Having a GPS unit in the UTV would have been nice to have as it works on satellite over cellular data, which is much more reliable. Something else I have come to appreciate about the UTV’s is the light footprint it leaves during travel. To read more pick up the March 2016 issue of NTFR.