Unplanned Destiny – Dr. Larry Butler

By Jessica Crabtree

Humorous, kind, friendly are all words you can use to describe Dr. Larry Butler.  He has a deep appreciation for small towns and a hidden talent for writing poems. Butler has spent more that 40 years educating people and being a spokesperson for conservation all over the country. Uniquely, Butler has traveled to, lived or worked in, almost every state. While he loved the experience, he remains a fan of Texas.

Butler’s life began in Ranger, Texas, when he was born in 1951. His father worked for Lone Star Gas Co., which caused the family of four to move to various towns such as Blackwell, then to Bronte. “It was the late ’50s early ’60s. You’ve heard about the drought of the ’50s. I grew up in dry times. I guess that why I prefer a dry climate,” Butler said.

Butler compared his childhood to that of Mayberry. “We would leave in the morning and not come back until dinner. We roamed different creeks, rode our bikes everywhere and hunted. It was a time of innocence.” His love for small, rural towns stuck with him throughout his life. To read more pick up the January 2016 issue of NTFR.