Foaling: The miracle of life

By Dr. Molly Bellefeuille

In the following months lots of foals will enter this world. With 80 percent of foals being born between the months of January and April it is important that you are prepared and ready for the entrance of your foal. It’s important to know the signs that your mare is getting close to birthing, it is also important to know when the mare or the foal is in trouble and need assistance. The birthing process can be very stressful and time is often critical as it can be the difference between life and death.

Last year we talked about the three stages of foaling. It is important to be familiar with these stages and their time limits as this will help guide you to if there is a problem and further help/assistance is needed

  • Stage one: preparation and movement of the foal into the birth canal (30min-3hrs)
  • Stage two: delivery of the foal (10-40min)
  • Stage three: delivery of the placenta (15min-3hrs)

To read more pick up the January 2016 issue of NTFR.