A busy schedule – Activities for the equine enthusiast

By Krista Lucas

North Texas is known as horse country in many areas. The region is home to numerous horse ranches, breeding facilities and boarding barns. On any given day of the week, there are places to go for horse lovers of any age to compete or watch an event.

There are several nice facilities located just a short drive away. Many arenas are covered or even completely indoor so weather does not become a factor. For both serious competitors and “just for fun” barrel racers, there are plenty of weekly jackpots to choose from year round. These races offer a family atmosphere, great ground conditions and concession stands.

Barrel racers can attend a jackpot any night of the week in the north Texas area. Starting on Monday nights, Diamond T Arena hosts a barrel racing jackpot beginning at 8 p.m. with exhibition, or “time-only”, runs from 4-7:30 p.m. Diamond T is an indoor arena, located just outside of Denton, Texas. To read more pick up the November 2015 issue of NTFR.