The Spirit of the Baker Lives on

By Mandi Dietz

Supposed resident ghosts of Mineral Wells’ famous Baker Hotel will soon need to find a new home, as renovations, totaling
about $58 million, are scheduled to begin January 2017. Allegedly, some spirits occupying the hotel already visit a haunted
house down the street, but now they can check out permanently because exciting things are happening
at the iconic site. Dominating the downtown skyline, Baker is a landmark, and during its glory days, the
opulent hotel drew locals, social elite, politicians and even celebrities such as Clark Gable, Judy
Garland and The Three Stooges. Notorious Bonnie and Clyde also got cozy there. But since its final
closing in the 1970s, only vandals, nature, presumed ghosts and a few brave souls who paid for spooky overnight stays have inhabited
the enchanting property. Baker attained the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Within the last few decades
people could still tour the hotel despite broken glass, standing water and a lack of electricity. However, since, public access
stopped due to Baker being deemed unsafe, ultimately. Or that is until recent investors and visionaries made their move to
breathe life back into the remains of what used to be a national attraction. Now, a development team is making preparations to
restore the dream, long awaited since the town sadly lost its treasure. To read more pick up the October 2015 issue of NTFR.