Living with Horses- Part 1

Growing popularity of Barndominiums

By Janis Blackwell

Only a few years ago if you had mentioned a barndominium or house barn, people might have looked at you as if you had lost it or were speaking a foreign language. Even today I still encounter many people who say, “You’re going to build a what!?” If you are one of those, a definition might be in order here. Although Webster hasn’t added it to his dictionary yet, here is the North Texas Cowboy definition. A barndominium is a horse barn complete with a beautifully finished human living area, or maybe it’s a beautiful home complete with horse stalls attached. Either way barndominuims are becoming increasingly popular among those of us who love and live with horses. It is also worthy of note that this type structure is often used
by others than those of us who wish to live in close proximity to our equine buddies. Many are used as shops for various purposes such as carpentry, ATV storage, mechanic’s shop and so forth. But for our purposes and in keeping with the point of this series, we’ll focus on the sharing of human and equine living space. To read more pick up the October 2015 issue of NTFR.