From story…to sculpture

By Judy Wade
In the spring of 1976, an eight-year-old girl was helping her dad gather some wheat pasture steers that had gotten into a neighbor’s field. She was no stranger to horses, having ridden as long as she could remember. On this particular day she was riding an older mare named Lil that had been used as a cutting horse in her younger days.
Everything was going fine until a steer suddenly cut back right, and the mare made a big swoop to head it. The girl was caught completely off guard, and she went left. Her right foot hung in the stirrup, and the left foot hung on the saddle horn as she went flying off, suspended on the side of the horse, like a trick rider at a rodeo. Fortunately, Lil had stopped.
She yelled, “Dad, come help me!”
His reply was, “Either fall off or get back on.”
“I can’t do either one!” she yelled.
After getting her righted in the saddle, they continued the drive with no more unexpected incidents and the steers were returned to the Langford L7 Ranch north of Byers where her dad was a ranch hand.
That little girl grew up, became Clay County Pioneer Rodeo queen, went off to college and began her career.
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