Horsefeathers- No more cell phones

By contributing writer David Gregory
As you probably know, I am not a big fan of cell phones. An incident on my way to town this morning justified my dislike for them. As I approached the intersection at Main Street and Hwy 1125, the light turned green. The two cars in front of me had their left turn signals on and started making the turn.
As I started to follow, the closest on-coming traffic was a block away. Suddenly the driver accelerated and came through. I locked my brakes as the teen age girl with a cell phone glued to her ear barely missed me.
But, I have had some interesting cell phone calls from total strangers. In the past I frequently advertised horses for sale in a national horse magazine. I had a call asking if I still had a horse for sale. I told her about a very nice eight year old gelding that had been ridden in parades and gathering cattle.
In a few minutes I got an email from her saying, “My name is Hannah. I don’t want a ranch horse but a big sweet horse that can be ridden by a child in the city.” This made me think she wanted a horse for her little girl and not herself.
Later that evening I checked my cell phone and saw that I had had a call from Hannah. Someone answered my recall and I ask to speak to Hannah. When she came to the phone I told her that I was returning her call. She asked the price of my horse and wondered if he could be kept in a stable in her back yard at Austin, Texas. To read more pick up the September 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.