The dog days of summer

By contributing writer Rayford Pullen
If these are the dog days of summer, bring it on. Around our place, we have had good rains and mild temperatures, something not usually associated with Texas summers. While we still haven’t filled our stock tanks, (ponds for you folks east of Interstate 35), our grass is growing fast enough to provide plenty of grazing for both the cows and the grasshoppers.
While I have personally mounted an assault against the grasshoppers eating Carla Sue’s roses and other ornamentals, I have not taken any action in the pastures. Hopefully we can continue to outgrow the grasshopper’s consumption. Being in native grass country, the grass we grow now will also be our hay source for this winter. So we are hoping this weather continues for a while longer. To read more pick up the August 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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