The Wild Wild West

By contributing writer Jerry Williams
Advanced movie technology began to emerge in the western genre when the show “Wild Wild West “appeared on the screen. Western star Robert Conrad portrayed James West, a “James Bond” style secret service agent of President Ulysses Grant. In the tradition of James Bond, there were always beautiful women, clever gadgets, and delusional arch-enemies with half insane plots to take over the country. James West traveled the frontier on a specially equipped train the government provided him. The train housed a treasure trove of classified government inventions and science fiction gadgets James West used to accomplish his special assignments.
In the episode “The Night of The Golden Cobra” James and his partner Artemus Gordon received a message from a carrier pigeon they named Henrietta. It arrived through a special chute into their state room on the train. The note informed them they were to return to New Orleans for R&R (rest & relaxation). Their fantasy trip was interrupted by their on-board telegraph informing them of a mission at the Pawnee Reservation in Oklahoma.
During his due diligence on a real sale, Jerry Williams discovered that from 1875 to 1879 Henrietta was the judicial center of west Texas. The report stated that people traveled as far as 300 miles to file a deed on their property. During most of those years, (1875-77) Ulysses Grant served as President of the United States. To read more pick up the June issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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