Norris Dalton Bucking Bulls

By contributing writer Judy Wade
Norris Dalton raises bucking bull and operates heavy equipment. He could be described as modest, soft-spoken, successful, talented, and, most of all, unique. What makes him so unique? He is a paraplegic, conducts his business from a wheelchair, but that does not slow him down. Born and raised in Scottsville, Kentucky, where his dad was a horse trader and dozer operator, he is the only son with five sisters. He left home while a teenager and began working on a pipeline in Wyoming but eventually traveled all over the United States operating a back hoe and dozer.
May 31, 1991, his world changed dramatically. While in California he was running a dozer too small for the job he was given. The dozer tipped over and rolled over 600 feet down a hill with Dalton strapped inside. Airlifted to a local hospital, the diagnosis was broken ribs, punctured lung, broken collar bone, broken arm, head injuries, and spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis of his legs. Eventually he was transferred home to Kentucky where he spent a year in hospital rehab.
When he was released, he acquired a truck specially equipped with hand controls and headed for Texas. He settled first in Ft. Worth but eventually made his way to Petrolia in 1999 where he purchased land and began buying bulls at sale barns, bulls with the potential to become bucking bulls. To read more pick up the June issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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