Buffalo: A staple in Texas History

By Jerry Williams
Chapters in history tend to overlap one another and some survive, while others do not. The force of change almost annihilated the buffalo. However, Mother Nature and naturalists have rescued them. Their low calorie, iron-packed meat enabled the Native American to survive. Life continues on and a variety of dietary buffalo products are helping today’s consumers survive.
As a previous buffalo owner, realtor Jerry Williams sold his buffalo and was unaware of any others in Clay County. Afterward, the stories of buffalo soon faded. Eventually he began to make real estate sales in the area of Buffalo Springs, Texas. A recent client, C.L. Gage, told Williams about a huge buffalo wallow on his property west of Buffalo Springs. (Recall the story in April’s Vol. 2 Issue 7 of NTFR about the 200 buffalo playing near the lake.)
As a means to keep fit, stay healthy and view the country side, Williams embarked on a weekly routine of walking and sometimes hiking. Williams was walking on the gravel roads in Ikard Community when he spotted buffalo in a nearby field. To read more pick up the May 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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