Restoring more than just cabins…restoring history

By staff writer Jessica Bartel
Bill Marquis, of Stoney, TX, has the unique occupation of restoring cabins all over the state of Texas. An historian at heart, Marquis comes in contact with 16′ X 16′ cabins and restores them to their original state.
Marquis has always enjoyed wood work and working with his hands. Through the restoration, Marquis works closely with cities so that the site qualifies for an historical marker. Marquis’s main goal when doing a job is to get children involved. Most communities have an historical council that Marquis works with to involve local kids and get them interested in their local history.
Many of the stories Marquis encounters can not be found in a history book. If not for Marquis, the tales would be lost like the deteriorating wood of the cabins. Marquis was raised in the small community of Greenwood, in Wise County, and has spent the last 55 years of his life in Stoney alongside wife June.
His passion for his work is evident all around his property. One piece, in-particular, is a cabin with a rock chimney and bois d’arc fence surrounding it. This cabin has a noteworthy tale. The cabin was built by Jonathan Bird in 1836 along Denton Creek near Stoney.
Bird was an Alabama man who traveled around that countryside building cabins. Prior to that, in 1835, during the Texas Revolution, Sam Houston commissioned Bird to do some work. Bird was to build a fort and call it Bird’s Fort; this in present day would be in the Euless-Arlington area. Houston told Bird the government would compensate him for his work. To read more pick up the April 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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  1. Bill, I have 7 old wooden structures and a corn crib ,all from when the German and Check people came to Tex. in the 1830 ,on my property in Old Dime Box Tx. I don’t know how to save them. I would like to preserve them some way.l would love to talk to you, please. I am a saver of the old things in life. My name is Ella Jo ,I live in College Station..

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