Profile on: Dr. Molly Bellefeuille, DVM, MS

By staff writer Jessica Bartel
It seems most girls, from a young age, have an obsession with horses. Their bond is one that can not be described. With a child’s youthful imagination and a horse’s gallant and majestic nature, it seems every girl was meant to have a horse as her best friend. That bond was no different for veterinarian, Dr. Molly Bellefeuille, DVM, MS. Born in Washington State and raised in Newman Lake, WA. Bellefeuille credits her mother for introducing her to horses.
It all started with 4-H then progressed into showing western performance quarter horses. From age 15, through her high school career, Bellefeuille volunteered and worked at a mixed-animal veterinarian clinic. It was always her objective to become a veterinarian one day.
After high school Bellefeuille attended Washington State University where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, achieved her Master’s degree in Animal Reproduction and completed veterinarian school. While at vet school Bellefeuille worked as a technician in the equine surgery department for seven years. “I gained lots of experience while working there and helped pay my way through vet school,” she said of her experience.
After her time at Washington State was complete, Bellefeuille wanted to go where the horse industry was abundant, where she could work on “the best of the best.” That sentiment led her to Weatherford, TX. Three years ago Bellefeuille came to Texas to participate in a one-year internship with Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery Center. After her internship was accomplished, the young vet began a three-year surgery residency with ESMS, where she is currently in her second year. To read more pick up the April 2014 issue of North Texas Farm & Ranch.

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